KUWTK: Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are engaged and in love after being again collectively.

According to an inside report, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are together again and very happy! Apparently, both the reality TV star and the basketball player are trying very hard to get it working after so many ups and downs.

Although they’ve been in a long-distance relationship since Tristan’s contract with the Boston Celtics, the source tells HollywoodLife that they keep in touch very often and are actually stronger as a couple than ever before.

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While the man is away, Khloe is still in Los Angeles, at home with her daughter True.

The insider said that Tristan and Khloe spend a lot of time on the phone while he’s in Boston – FaceTiming, texting, talking, and Khloe’s attempt to visit her whenever she has the time. They also send a lot of gifts like flowers, balloons, etc. and when they are together they love to shop, eat well and be outside whenever possible. ‘

The same source claimed the Kardashian forgave Tristan for betraying her twice, which is why she eventually took him back.

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That doesn’t mean she will ever forget the betrayal and the pain.

At the moment it seems that Tristan is showing his best behavior and is not throwing away this new chance he got.

‘Khloe forgives Tristan at this point, but she will never forget it. They are engaged again, they are still in love and give their relationship another chance and hope it succeeds this time. Tristan paid special attention to Khloe and True and he kept calling, FaceTiming, texting and sending pictures to check in when they are not physically together. He didn’t go out with the boys or other girls late at night. ‘


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