KUWTK: Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi ‘swims throughout her garments’ in a enjoyable new video

Kylie Jenner‘s little girl has proven that despite her age of only 2 years she is already a really good swimmer! The makeup mogul showed Stormi a somersault in the pool and confirmed that she “swims full”!

The clip was super cute too, and fans couldn’t stop flocking to the adorable toddler.

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It seems that Stormi loves swimming so much that she didn’t even have the patience to put on her bathing suit before jumping into the water to put on all of her clothes.

Not only that, but what made the footage so funny was the fact that the little boy was trying to lie to her mother about her intentions!

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The video starts with Stormi walking barefoot on tiptoe to the pool and Kylie quickly realizes that she wants to go into the water.

“No, no, no – I know what you’re doing”, Jenner warned her child and asked Stormi to answer, “I just want to put my feet in!”

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But keep up with it the Kardashians Star was definitely not convinced and proved how well she knows her daughter: “I already know where this is going.”

After Stormi has sat down at the edge of the pool, he finally explains: “I want to go into the pool with my clothes on!”

At the time, Stormi was wearing pink pajamas and after telling her mother the truth, she kept jumping into the water.

Stormi dives in and does a somersault in the pool, which really surprised Kylie’s followers!

The child already looks like a seasoned swimmer, and Kylie emphasized that she swims fully.

This cute new post comes amid rumors of Kylie and Travis Scott’s reunion.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, a source on HollywoodLife said the two “act together” privately.


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