Lana Del Rey reveals chemtrails by way of the nation membership’s album cowl and tracklist

Lana Del Rey’s new album Chemtrails Over the Country Club has been promised since 2019 and today she shared the album’s tracklist and artwork. Chemtrails includes the previously released track “Let me love you like a woman”, the previously teased song “Tulsa Jesus Freak” and the title track due out tomorrow. The album ends with “For Free”, the song by Joni Mitchell, which she previously covered. Check out the track listing and album art below.

Lana wrote about the album cover in an Instagram comment (viewed by Pitchfork), which also seems to reference the social media outcry over an Instagram post last year.

I want to say that with everything that’s going on this year too! And no, that was not the intention – these are my best friends as you ask today. And damn it! How it happens when it comes to my amazing friends and this cover, yes there are people with color on this plate image and that’s all I will say about it but thanks.

My beautiful friend Valerie from Del Rio Mexico, my dearest friend Alex and my beautiful friend Dakota Rain and my dearest Tatiana. These are my friends, this is my life. We are all a nice mix of everything – some more than others, which is seen and celebrated in everything I do. In 11 years of work, I’ve always been extremely inclusive without trying. My best friends are rappers, my friends were rappers. My dearest friends were from everywhere. So before you comment on a WOC / POC issue again, I am not the one to storm the capital. I am literally changing the world by bringing my life, thoughts and love out there on table 24. Respect it.

Chemtrails Over the Country Club follows Del Rey’s 2019 album Norman Fucking Rockwell! and her 2020 book (and audiobook) Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass.

Chemtrails over the country club::

01 white dress
02 chemtrails over the country club
03 Tulsa Jesus freak
04 Let me love you like a woman
05 Wild at heart
06 Dark, but just a game
07 Not all who wander are lost
08 Yosemite
09 Set off slowly
10 Dance till we die
11 Free

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