LeBron James argues with Blond through the recreation ‘Shut Up Dumb B * TCH’

LeBron James had an argument with a blonde at the Lakers / Hawks game in Atlanta last night, MTO News learned. The woman claims she was defending her husband when Bron told her to “shut up”.

The incident came after the woman’s husband molested the NBA superstar. A limited number of fans were allowed to attend the game in Atlanta, and given the small crowd, players could hear any insult that was hurled at them.

And Lebron responded to the man’s heckling. It’s not exactly clear what Lebron said in response, but the man’s wife – the blonde – got up and started arguing with Bron.

The woman explained that she stood up and yelled at Lebron, “Don’t talk like that to my husband. If you do it again, I’ll fuck you.”

She then claims that Lebron replied: “Shut up, b * tch.”

Here is a picture of the woman and the man she defended:

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