Legacies EP breaks down the musical episode’s greatest surprises, together with [Spoiler]’s Emotional Cameo


From Nimue’s arrival to Rafael’s departure, the third season of Legacies was full of surprises, though none were as lyrical as the jaw-crackers thrown at us in Thursday’s episode with the long-awaited debut of Salvatore: The Musical.

Under the bright lights of the Salvatore School auditorium, Josie, Kaleb, Jed and Lizzie – like Elena, Damon, Stefan and Caroline – retold the story of the institution’s founding and met several iconic beats from The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Elena’s first meeting , Stefan and Damon’s dramatic reunion, Elena’s eternal back and forth between the brothers, the seemingly endless parade of doppelgangers and Klaus (played by the monster that was connected this week!) A multi-figure donation to the school.

Speaking of Klaus, we even got a surprise performance of “Always and Forever” from Hope, who spent most of the episode rallying against the musical’s portrayal of her family. (But more on that later.)

Of course, no surprise was more surprising than the letter Lizzie received from Caroline, especially since it was read in a voice-over by none other than Candice King (aka Caroline Forbes) and marked her first official “appearance” on Legacies. (Click here to view our gallery of all the crossovers in the Vampire Diaries universe, now updated to include this episode.)

And in case you missed any of the letters, here are Caroline’s words in full: “Dear Lizzie, hopefully this can give you some perspective on who I used to be. When I was your age I remember feeling totally confused, like I was waiting to become a better version of myself so that my real life can begin. But it didn’t become a vampire that changed everything. Change is a series of small moments that build on one another, like steps on a mountain. Your life will not be interrupted until you figure everything out. It’s already happening. They are already changing from moment to moment. And Elizabeth, there’s nothing wrong with you. Your brain chemistry presents you with unique challenges, but you are not broken. They grow and change every day and it’s nice to see. “

Below, executive producer Julie Plec answers some of TVLine’s burning questions from the episode:

TVLINE | If there was a musical in my life and I still lived in the city, I would love to be there. Should we imagine Damon and Elena politely declined their invitation?
[Laughs] Let’s imagine they couldn’t find a babysitter.

TVLINE | We finally got Caroline to show up, even if it was just a vocal cameo. What was the question there?
As you know, Candice is a good friend of mine and Brett, and there is a soft spot in her heart for this show. She has said over the years that she will show up one day, but she wanted a break after The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. She wanted to go out for a while and have a life without Caroline Forbes. But she always said, “If you never need something small or simple, just let me know.” So I just sent a text and she said, “Absolutely.” And then nine months passed before we actually needed it because of the COVID shutdown.

TVLINE | The hope of singing at the end was a nice surprise. How did I not know that she could sing?
There are some actors who are very talented at singing, who may even have a theater background, but just don’t like to sing anymore. They just don’t enjoy it or don’t want to combine it [singing and acting]. When we did the talent show, Danielle [Rose Russell] was like, “No. Hope has no talent that she would want to share with anyone. “But when we made up this episode, she said,” So Brett, you know I sing … “And he said,” Oh really? ” It was written to come from a place of her character working through a moment that she had, and it was just in songs. That worked for me. And I cry every time

TVLINE | Whilst we are talking about music, who are we giving proper credit to?
This was a collaboration between Thomas Brandon, the episode writer, who also wrote Josie’s and Landon’s songs from the talent show. It’s our little secret weapon for music. But because we did a lot more songs than we did on the talent show, I asked him if he wanted to find a partner who could do some of the heavy lifting. I reached out to my friend Michael Gracey, who directed The Greatest Showman and who spent years developing these songs [Benj] Pasek and [Justin] Paul. For years, every time he came into town and stopped by me, I would listen to different demo versions. So I knew he had a knack for it. I said, “Do you happen to know someone who is not as famous as Pasek and Paul?” He said, “In fact, I just did a project with this Chris Read in London, and I think he’s the next Pasek and Paul.” So I said, “Send him my way,” and he did, and it became a really great partnership. … I also have to say greetings to our incredible choreographer Rhonda Kohl. She had the idea for this tango.

TVLINE | How familiar was Chris with this universe? The songs all felt very true to that spirit.
Chris had never seen it before so he had to binge quickly. But because he did that, it was very fresh in his head and hit the right notes.

TVLINE | This whole experience, which began again eleven years ago, must have been cathartic.
I think so. They have quite a number of people working on this crew, some who have been with us since The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. So there was a lot of fun for them. And you also have people who are new, who might have been fans and viewers of the show in the past, so they have to bring their own perspective. One of the reasons it works so well is because Thomas wrote from a fan’s perspective without actually writing about it [the original show]. He could be the social media fan and make fun of us so maybe we couldn’t make fun of ourselves.

TVLINE | Finally, on that final twist: What’s next after Alyssa’s apparent betrayal of MG?
Nothing good comes next. The next week’s episode was written as the season two finale, so any little characters highlighted in the musical episode will complete the finale. There is betrayal, tragedy, revelation. Next week is actually a pretty big episode for all characters, and then we’re essentially starting a new chapter.

BONUS SCOOP | We also spoke to Kaylee Bryant about Josie’s kiss with Jade. Here’s what she says about this relationship: “Josie is not exactly the fastest. She has to learn a lesson before she can take a big leap, and Jade was a big lesson to her. She said frankly, “This place is not right for me.” Josie has been like this for a while. She gave up her magic after really struggling with an addiction to it. And now she lives in a place surrounded by magic. It’s everything she has ever known Hearing someone say they are leaving an unhealthy environment is something Josie absolutely needs to hear. This is what really gets her going when she takes the necessary steps to take care of herself.

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