Legacies EP on What Rafael’s Premiere Discovery Actually Means: “He all the time questioned the place he was from.”


For the second year running, Legacies kicked off a new season with Hope off duty, making classmates crawl like headless chickens – fearful, magical headless chickens.

With Addams Dark Josie’s threat on Wednesday, the Salvatore School students on Thursday attempted to match their broken community with good, old-fashioned physical fitness. (Seriously, why did Alaric think a field day would solve anything? These kids were better off than the fake Professor Vardemus in charge.)

As predicted, field day was a complete disaster – almost apocalyptically bad – but not for the reasons we all assumed. You see, Chad accidentally summoned a new Malivore monster named Nimue (aka Lady of the Lake), followed by a skull-breaking villain named “Green Knight,” both of whom were looking for the fabled Excalibur sword. Nimue explained that only a “worthy” warrior could wield the blade against the Green Knight, but conveniently forgot to clarify that “worthy” means to be born of a royal bloodline.

After several failed attempts to remove the sword from the stone – including a two-person cathartic effort courtesy of the Saltzman twins – Rafael showed up, ripped the legendary metal from its stone sheath, and thrust Excalibur into the rough head of the Green Knight. Apocalypse averted!

In the meantime, the necromancer spent the hour pushing Landon’s soul back into his physical body. This was the only way he could receive all of the delicious black magic he longs for so much. (Ask the group: If you haven’t seen the season two finale again, have you had a hard time following some of these rules?) Landon eventually reclaimed his body, but only to wake Hope with a kiss. She suspected that her body must have sensed that Landon was “dead,” so she just let go of sleeping. (Though we’re glad to see Hope conscious again, this solution felt a little … comfortable. When Bonnie suddenly broke Elena’s sleep curse in the Vampire Diaries series finale without breaking a sweat, we wondered why she was doing it hadn’t just done earlier.)

Then … one last twist! Chad and Alyssa, who had officially joined “Team Monster” after Lizzie publicly shamed her for murdering her own parents (rude!), Were taking a walk in the woods when Chad suddenly vomited black goose bumps and died. Desperate to avoid the same fate, Alyssa pledged her allegiance to the necromancer and formally became his “eternal acolyte.”

Below, executive producer Brett Matthews answers some of TVLine’s burning questions about the season three premiere, including whether we can finally see Caroline back at the Salvatore School:

TVLINE | Rafael of royal descent was a twist I didn’t see coming. Is this the beginning of a new journey for him?
This episode was really about how the Super Squad banded together in Hope’s absence, so obviously that moment was a very big one for Raf. Raf’s journey through the first two seasons has always been about family. As a foster child, he’s always wondered where he was from, and finding out he’s linked to a royal bloodline is an unexpected answer to that question. He is finally discovering all the things he has always wanted to know about himself, including his family background. He really felt like the perfect person to save the day.

TVLINE | This is the second season that Hope has been out of service and everyone has had to fill the void. Was that intended?
[Laughs] Well, the first couple of episodes of this season were supposed to come out at the end of the second season, so there would be a recurring theme there. You can see where we wanted to end season two. We went back and reworked some of these episodes a bit. It was a unique experience that we all hope we never have to do again. I was just finishing the script for episode 20 when we pulled the plug. You will definitely see where Season 2 would have ended. We consider the first four episodes to be the “first chapter” of season three.

TVLINE | Josie wants to spend some time with Caroline. I have to ask the question I ask every season, is there any chance we will see Candice King?
Our answer is still the same and you are probably tired of hearing it, but the door is always open to Candice. We love and appreciate her very much, and we love Caroline Forbes so much. We’d love it [to have her back]but it’s really up to her. We’d love to be challenged to figure out how Caroline fits into Legacies, be it for an episode or an arc or whatever. But it obviously depends on her schedule and the opportunities she pursues in her career. While Legacies is a show that does its own thing, it builds on the legacies of the other shows – so the title is what it is – so we’d love that.

TVLINE | Now to the question that everyone is asking: is Chad really gone? Death is rather fluid in this universe.
Death is pretty fluid, but at the same time it felt like a tragic end to Chad. He’s a small character, but he definitely grew on us. I don’t know if we’ll ever see Chad again, but he’s definitely dead by the end of this episode. His influence on the necromancer will be felt in the future. He will live on in a different way.

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