Legacies Recap: The Witch Is Back – And What’s Up With Landon?


Thursday’s Legacies were meant to be off the rails once Hope decided to “take a page out of Kai Parker’s playbook.” When did that ever end well?

While Alaric, Kaleb, and Cleo infiltrated the Triad headquarters to learn more about the mysterious artifact’s connection with Malivore, Hope conjured up a more direct (and considerably more dangerous) plan that projected astrally into the prison world to find a deal with the necromancer complete.

The risky venture started off well enough, along with Landon’s surprisingly accurate impression of the lengthy villain, but things went south very quickly when Hope was bitten by a Berbalang, causing the Triad to transform into a bloodthirsty monster – even by Mikaelson family standards .

Thanks to Wade’s encyclopedic knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons, a plan quickly came together, but it required some critical steps. Not only did Josie have to recapture her magic (more on that later) to bewitch a very specific weapon, but someone (in this case Landon) had to manually drive this pointed object into Hope’s heart to reverse the transformation. Hope really wasn’t exaggerating when she called it her “worst date ever”.

Then the other shoe finally fell and it fell hard. After reviewing the day’s events, Wade concluded that something was seriously wrong with Landon. He was not only targeted by the Berbalang, who traditionally only eats dead meat (gross), but the “real” Landon could never have stabbed hope so easily in the heart. Coupled with next week’s promo of Landon showing inexplicable strength, we’d say there’s definitely something going on with every favorite baby muppet. Catch sight of:

(You know, all of a sudden this joke from executive producer Julie Plec about Landon, who “has acquired a whole new set of physical skills that makes him a lot better in a fight,” makes a lot more sense.)

Elsewhere this week …

* As part of Lizzie’s investigation into Josie’s new crush (“My sister has terrible taste in women, there is no way I can let her anywhere near a cold-blooded murderer!”) She persuaded MG to merge with Finch, who made her the first Mal brought back when she turned into a werewolf. But no one was prepared for what they were about to discover: while Finch’s grandfather was on his deathbed, he forced her to ease his suicide. By releasing her curse, he believed it was giving Finch the strength she would need to protect herself. But reliving the darkest moment of her life was anything but a gift for Finch, who was having a full blown breakdown. (Who’s the monster now, Lizzie ?!)

* Josie stopped by Salvatore School for advice, but when her sister was busy off campus, she reached out to the person she knows even better – Dark Josie. As a projection of her subconscious, of course, DJ gave her a hard love about why all of her relationships go up in flames: “We both know that if you suppress a substantial part of yourself, you can never have a real relationship.” And just like that, the witch is back.

* After Cleo shot him (again), he gave Kaleb some feedback on his flirtation: “I don’t like it when you try to impress me or to be cool. I want you to drop the act and be honest. “After a little coaching from Alaric, he did just that, explaining that he would only escort them to the Triad headquarters in case Malivore sent another monster to attack them. “The last time I was vulnerable with someone, I ended up dead,” he said. This is exactly what Cleo wanted to hear and offered to hear his full vampire ancestry story on their first official date.

* During a lovely heart-to-heart conversation, Lizzie agreed not to tell anyone about MG and Ethan’s supernatural sideline. MG finally decided that they should at least get in on Alaric, but not before he discovered his buddyâ € ™ s mutilated body.

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