Legacies says goodbye to [Spoiler]


Spoiler alert: we’re in the process of breaking down Thursday’s events Legacies. Not seen? You have been warned!

Legacies made an emotional goodbye to one of his original characters this week. While Rafael Landon humored the prospects of becoming King Arthur’s descendant, he began to cough up black mud, the same troubling substance that made curtains for poor old Chad in the season premiere. Despite the best efforts of the various factions of the Salvatore School, Rafael appeared to be only days left.

“I’m not scared,” said Raf Hope during their one-on-one farewell scene. “I believe everyone gets their own version of heaven. For me it will be my best day on a loop – a day outside with the people I love. “He also promised to cherish every moment he left, including the one-off supernova currently hovering over their heads… which gave Hope an idea.

Although Raf’s condition remained incurable, Hope was able to prevent his (second) death by transporting him to a new prison world that was modeled on the perfect day he had described earlier. “A prison world is only a prison when you are alone,” explained Hope. “We can’t stay, but he can. With everything he needs to be happy and safe with his family. Forever and ever. Maybe that’s heaven. “

To make this “prison” world even more heavenly, Rafael was accompanied by his father and estranged mother, whom Alaric was tracked down with reluctant assistance from Sheriff Mac. Raf’s parents agreed to go “all in” when rebuilding their family – and in a world without a full moon, nothing less.

While Rafael’s days at Salvatore School seem to be over, this may not be the last time we’ve seen Peyton Alex Smith’s character. These prison worlds do not tend to hold people down forever. And considering how lost this wolf was when we first met him in Season 1, he was finally able to connect with his true pack.

Also worth a discussion …

* Per Alyssa’s suggestion to revive “all the monsters”, the necromancer recalled the Sphinx from Season 2, and boy, did he have a sucker of a premonition to share. Not only will the necromancer’s evil plan come true, but one of the students at Salvatore School will die. (Any predictions? I’ll see you in the comments.)

* That last bit presents a particular problem for Landon, who found out this week that he was back to his last life. Apparently, his close encounter with the Golden Arrow killed his phoenix side and lost a normal human with only a single life. And this unfortunate development is already taking its toll on Hope and Landon’s relationship. “We only work when I’m unbreakable,” he told her.

Your thoughts on Rafael’s apparent exit and the annoying new prophecy of the Sphinx? Drop them all in a comment below.

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