Let’s thank Sterling Okay. Brown’s This Is Us Strip Tease

Many things may suck right now, but not all things.

Some things – especially some things on TV – are very, very good. While Grey’s Anatomy is out here giving us Patrick Dempsey as McDreamy has This Is Us Randall (Sterling K. Brown) do a full-on striptease. Sure, it was a shameful moment that came at the end of a livestream with his constituents when Malik (Asante Blackk) should have cut the lining, but it could have been a lot worse.

As it was, it was great – the kind of accidental zoom video we’d like to see by accident, even from a city councilor. It absolutely helps that Sterling K. Brown looks like Sterling K. Brown and has enough charm to keep most people around for a very long time, buzzfeed memes or no buzzfeed memes.

Of course, Randall’s little striptease went viral, but it wasn’t his abs that caught the attention of an older Vietnamese man at the end of the episode. Instead, this as-yet-unnamed man was more concerned that Randall was giving his birth father, William Hill, a reputation.

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