Lovely Instagram mannequin MURDERED; The headless physique washes itself on land !! (Graphic)

A beautiful Instagram model was murdered, then her body was cut into pieces and thrown into the sea. And the terrible story of her disappearance went viral on the internet after graphic images showing her dismembered body surfaced online.

Bianca Lourenco, 24, was a Brazilian model who had thousands of followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, her life was cut short and the police are investigating how a young woman with a bright future could be brutally murdered.

The graphic images were shot online


Bianca disappeared about two weeks ago, but just before she disappeared, she posted photos of herself in a skimpy bikini on Twitter, titled “If I were you, I would certainly hate myself too.”

And while the mysterious disappearance began as a missing person case. It is now considered murder after some of her body parts were allegedly found in the area.


Relatives of the young woman have accused her ex-drug dealer, who is linked to a Brazilian drug dealer, of killing her.

The couple had been together for a little over a year when they broke up, then released the photos on Jan. 2.

One of Bianca’s friends, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the local media: “He has in no way accepted the end of their relationship.”

The graphic images were shot online

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