Marilyn Manson receives welfare test from police amid abuse allegations

Under allegations of abuse against him, Marilyn Manson was visited by the police who carried out a social check.

Officials responded to a welfare check around 6 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to E! News. “The investigation was completed and there was no evidence of any problems,” said the spokesman. “The officers contacted someone who said there were no problems. Ultimately, that is what happens when someone doesn’t answer the phone.”

The Los Angeles Police Department did not confirm with E! Messages about the person’s identity and who they replied to. A source of law enforcement against E! News The house where the police visited is on Manson Street. According to TMZ, citing law enforcement agencies, police received a call from someone who was concerned about the singer after hearing nothing from him. According to these sources, officials ultimately contacted a representative for the star, while Manson allegedly never responded, TMZ reported.

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