Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger from Chicago PD clarify why ‘Burzek’ is not again collectively (but)


Things have been going really well for Burgess and Ruzek of Chicago PD lately, which begs the question: when are they going to stop messing around and finally get back together?

After Burgess’ miscarriage last season, the two only got closer to each other as they worked through their shared trauma. They hang out together, work together and, as Ruzek so expertly observed in the January 13th episode “Tender Age”, at this point they are basically an old couple.

A romantic reconciliation seems like the next logical step. Why didn’t they evolve in their relationship? For Marina Squerciati, who plays Burgess, the non-couple are too well placed to mess things up right now.

“What separates them is how well they get along,” Squerciati told TVLine. “Burgess is scared of something new because of this miscarriage and the trauma she suffered. Comfort is therefore the main goal in their life. Just flannel shirts and ice cream on the couch – everything else seems scary. Their biggest problem is that they are too comfortable and Burgess is really happy right now. “

Patrick John Flueger, who plays Ruzek, believes the couple are right where they need to be right now. “I think it’s an incredibly adult relationship,” he explains. “These are two people who love each other enough to take steps back when necessary and lean forward when necessary. At the end of the day, they just love each other and can’t really escape it. Right now, [Ruzek and Burgess] Feeling each other and feeling life works really well for them. “

Even though they went through a fairly comfortable routine, the intelligence detectives still have the potential to make things official again. Squerciati says, however, that Burgess needs a lot more than just a sweet chat to make that leap again: “Ruzek says a lot of really wonderful things, but I think he has to do something super romantic or really show up. ”

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