Martin Garrix Again within the studio with John Martin & Michel Zitron [PHOTO]

Martin garrix milled in the studio during the pandemic – and most recently he was seen with staff reaching out to him John Martin and Michel Lemon.

The same trio first got together in 2016 STMPD RCRDS Release of “Now That I’m Found You” with the Swedish singer-songwriter duo, stylized as John & Michel. Zitron worked with Garrix again on “Hold On” Matisse & Sadko in 2019 and “Higher Ground” in 2020.

The screenshot below from Garrix’s Instagram story shows the producer returning to the studio with the two of them in Stockholm. While there is no video recording of the session, we can almost guarantee that they will put together another Garrix hit together.

With every move, Garrix continues to make headlines. Recently he and Bebe Rexha Hit a billion Spotify streams for their emotional blast “In the Name of Love”. In the meantime, he is preparing to release new music under his name AREA 21 Alias ​​with Maejor.

As for this studio session, we will keep you updated. See below.

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