Marvel followers need Jimmy Woo & Darcy to get an X-Information-style MCU collection on Disney +

After making his entertaining debut on the new Marvel series WandaVisionLots of fans want Randall Park to lead his own Disney + series as Jimmy Woo, partnered with Darcy Lewis. Park originally made his debut in the MCU as the character in the 2018 film Ant-Man and the Wasp. He recently re-enacted the role of WandaVision when Jimmy was investigating a strange missing person case and collaborating with Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) worked together to solve the bizarre puzzle.

Park’s appearance on WandaVision has resulted in Jimmy Woo being urged on social media to get his own The X-Files-style series with a Marvel twist. Actor and filmmaker Stephen Ford, who appeared on the TV series Teen Wolf, started the new movement by tweeting his idea for a new series at the MCU after Jimmy Woo investigated bizarre phenomena related to superheroes.

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“Listen to me: A whole Disney + show about Jimmy Woo just doing weird cases in the MCU. Like funny X-Files. Make it happen,” Ford put in on Twitter, and it wasn’t long before the Tweet went viral. Marvel’s Runaways writer Warren Hsu Leonard even made an offer to write the series for free if that helps produce the show.

I will write this for free

– Warren Hsu Leonard (@whsuleonard) January 31, 2021

Even better, there is already a blueprint for this type of story. Marvel Comics previously starred the character in the Agents of Atlas comic series, which follows a team of superheroes led by Jimmy Woo. A lot of comic book readers point out on Twitter that Agents of Atlas would make for a great new series. One fan replies, “Out of the love of God, can we please get this fast lane? I need more Jimmy Woo.”

Can we please get this fast lane out of love for God? I need more Jimmy Woo.

– El Rey Slotho (@SlothenKing) January 30, 2021

The problem with using Agents of Atlas as inspiration is that the series feels more like X-Men and less like X-Men X-Files. Other fans would rather see the Jimmy Woo series as a mystery series with two agents investigating strange cases, such as a fan tweeting, “Agent Woo with Dr. Lewis as his partner? Sign me up.”

Agent Woo with Dr. Lewis as a partner? Sign me up. @ MarvelStudios @ Marvel

Please do this. A comedy / mystery.

– Weldon the Whimsical (@GLAJake) January 30, 2021

A fan agrees that Kat Dennings can play as Dr. Lewis plays along, with the couple essentially acting as Marvel’s Mulder and Scully. The tweet reads: “With Darcy. Woo and Darcy are in the job of running a department for X-Files guys. All that low-key stuff that SWORD shouldn’t waste time on. Of course, cases can seem small, but huge Marvel- Open cans with worms! ” Werewolf by night! Random weird aliens like the Popupian! Howard the Duck! “

With Darcy. Woo and Darcy are charged with running an X-Files types department. All that low-key stuff that SWORD shouldn’t waste time on.
Of course, the cases may seem small, but they can open huge Marvel cans of worms!
Werewolf by night!
Random weird aliens like the Popupian!
Howard the duck!

– Na’a (NaaMurad), January 31, 2021

“Only if they pair him with her (Kat Dennings-Darcy Lewis),” adds another fan, including a photo of Dennings.

only if they pair him with her (Kat Dennings-Darcy Lewis)

– Erick Flores Moraga (@FloresMoraga) January 31, 2021

Another Marvel fan sees all sorts of other creative opportunities for weird characters from the comics that Woo can meet in his own hypothetical series, from Man-Thing, Frog-Man, and Hellcow: Bessie the Vampire Cow, to The Orb, Forbrush Man , Mojo and MODOK

Jimmy Woo meets Man-Thing.
Jimmy Woo chases Frog-Man.
Jimmy Woo tracks down Hellcow: Bessie the Vampire Cow.
Jimmy Woo versus The Orb.
Jimmy Woo teams up with Forbrush Man.
Jimmy Woo captures Mojo.
Jimmy Woo fights MODOK

– Al Herrera (@al_as_in_al) January 31, 2021

Whether it’s Agents of Atlas or an X-Files show based on Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis, it seems clear that a Jimmy Woo series would be a hit with Marvel fans. Time will tell if it actually happens. This story is from Stephen Ford on Twitter.

These 3 in Marvel- # FRINGE spin-off / crossover. ????????????????????????

– Dr. Nikolai Svakhin (@ Nikolai3d) January 31, 2021

A Jimmy Woo series has been my back pocket Marvel pitch for years and culminates in this fantastically weird team.

– Will Choy (@thewillchoy) January 30, 2021

You mean Atlas agents. There’s a comic book that basically is like that, and fans have been asking about Disney + for a while to turn it into a series.

– Jake Busey Stan Account (@ papacap727) January 31, 2021

We have to have Darcy as his partner or it just isn’t real.

– Estee tabernac (@esteetabernac) January 31, 2021

This is exactly what 2021 needs right now!

– Allison Gabriel (@allisonking) January 30, 2021

I would definitely watch and I hate most of those things. Wandavision and Legion are the only shows worth seeing imo. You are a distorted reflection of reality. They shed some light on the people we make gods and what such a reality might look like.

– Joel Rinaldi (@joelrinaldi) January 30, 2021

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