‘Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales’: Ideas and Methods for Learners and Skilled Internet Slingers

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.]

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales arrives on the PS4 and tomorrow as the launch day title for Sony’s PS5, but some lucky players already have a copy on hand. (We’re among the lucky few; you can check it out Dorian Parks‘Review the new Spidey title on PS5 here or read on.) If you’re one of the millions of fans looking to battle Miles on his stand-alone adventure, you’re in good company. And we have some basic beginner tips to make your gameplay as easy as swinging on the road.

Of course, we always recommend that you just jump into the game you’re playing and immerse yourself in the experience. It is, in our opinion, the best way to really enjoy the game. But sometimes our mistakes can save you pain along the way. So if we can help in any way, we would love to. The tips and tricks below may save you some frustrating moments, help you achieve that goal or win the trophy a little earlier, or prove to be the all-important difference between life and death in Miles Morales.

Let’s start swinging!

Play Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS5

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Tech-wise, you don’t have to have played the stellar title from 2018 anymore Marvel’s Spider-ManBut boy, it’ll help you understand the story, the characters, the setting, the powers, the controls … pretty much everything. Fortunately, Miles Morales has a video recap just for those people who need a refresher, even if they haven’t played through Peter Parker’s part of the story. It won’t give you any insight into Miles’ control – which is strikingly similar to Peter’s, with a few key differences – but it will give you the broad outline of the all-important story.

However, if you just watch the video recap, you are missing out on the fantastic story of Spider-Man and its special features in this world. It fits in perfectly with Miles Morales, a standalone spin-off title that is worthy of its own but also flows into the larger Spider-Man story. There might even be some clues about what’s next in the Insomniac Games franchise. Suffice it to say that just playing Miles Morales is certainly fun, but it’s only half the experience.

Complete Peter Parker’s Combat Training Challenges

Spider-Man Miles Morale

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Now that we’ve got that obvious one out of the way, here’s a more specific tip for you: don’t ignore your mentor Peter Parker or his holographic training simulations. Since this is Miles’ story, it should come as no surprise that Pete is largely out of the picture. However, he pays attention to his protégé in several ways. The most obvious is a series of combat challenges scattered across the city. Completing them at the beginning of the story will unlock close combat, stealth and special abilities that will make your life a lot easier in the future. Since Miles’ skills are slightly different from Peter’s, you should get to know them better than later. And you don’t have to spend a token (in-game currency) to get them! Just beat the (relatively) easy challenges and move on.

But there is a bonus here too! Not only will Miles be given a myriad of skills to add to his repertoire (along with some cute chats with a hologram from Pete), but you’ll be able to experience a pivotal moment in the original Spider-Man’s early superhero life. I’m not going to ruin what this is. And like many other achievements in Miles Morales, you will be rewarded with both game trophies and a unique costume to style Miles in. It’s worth it and it’s pretty easy (minus the melee / dodge challenge …)

Erase this card and upgrade your technology

Spider-Man Miles Morale Picture

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This is probably obvious to anyone who has ever played an action adventure game, role-playing game, or anything else about clearing cards, but clearing your card gives Miles the edge when it comes to combat. And there will be a lot of fighting in your future. Some of the many missions available during the game get a little boring – clearing the base will do it. The more tools you have in your kit, the more diverse your play style can be and the more fun you are likely to have overall. (Oh, and for the basic clearing mentioned above, stealth is your friend. You can power anything, but if you swipe you’ll have to start over!) But of course there are other reasons to erase your card than just clean up the crime and make New York a safer place.

By clearing cards, you will earn in-game currency, various tokens that you can use to upgrade your equipment, unlock suits, and unlock and upgrade your gadgets. You will also gain experience in the process, which will increase your level and give you more skill points that you can use for powerful skills along the way. And as you practice your multiple moves (and combos, combos, combos!) On Trash Mobs (which get increasingly difficult), you’ll survive the later stages and unlock some surprising trophies for you along the way.

But there is also a strong undercurrent of exploration in Miles Morales. Miles moved from Brookyln to Harlem, so the environment is still the same in the broadest sense, but very different in the sense of the local community. And that makes all the difference when it comes to the characters and story of this game. Get to know them by responding to their cries for help, however silly they may be. Thankfully, throughout the telling of the story, the game has some wonderful side-mission options that are often offered by key characters. These are not required to complete the main storyline, but are absolutely necessary if you are to enjoy the full range of emotions and experiences in Miles Morales. As you explore the map, some emotional touchstones may also become apparent. So keep an eye out!

Play around with all of the menu options available

Spider-Man Miles Morale Picture

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Another more obvious one here, along with a less obvious tip. The Miles Morales menu is a stripped-down version of Spider-Man’s Skill Tree and Gear menu, though not by much. There are no “suit forces” in this one, but the mods remain. Once you’ve cleared the map and got your hands on as many tokens as you can and you’re ready to unlock and update everything, you can mix and match your mods however you want to suit your style (there are some, say, purely cosmetic options that are absolute blasts are) or a specific mission (Stealth vs Style vs Smash ’em Up).

In addition to unlocking suits, mods, gadgets, skills and special movements, you can also find your missions and collectibles in the menu system. But don’t ignore the social feed. You might find something special by keeping an eye on this seemingly infinite scroller as you hit the game …

Have fun!

Spider-Man Miles Morale Picture

Image via Insomniac Games

Yet another obvious one, but it’s easy to get lost in the technical accomplishments and goals of Miles Morales. In my opinion, having fun is more important, and Miles Morales actually makes this easier than even Spider-Man. The story carries just as much emotional weight as before, but Miles carries it with an ease and charm that even Peter Parker can hardly match. The most obvious difference between the two titles can be seen in Miles’ style, from the way he dresses to the way he swings, fights, emotes and comments during the bout and conversations. It is a simpler, airier Spider-Man, even if his burdens are great and his responsibilities are sometimes too great to bear. That doesn’t mean that you, the gamer, have to shoulder them.

Miles Morales makes it easier than ever to be a superhero. Just inhale, press again, and walk again. Before you know it, you will have cleared every inch of this super fun game. (And we’ll have more specific pointers on this in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned!)

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