Massive Brother All-Stars Finale Assessment: Did the Proper Home Visitor Win Season 22?


The three All-Stars who woke up at Big Brother’s house on Wednesday morning have all reached the finals. However, two of them wanted very different endings this time.

Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo finished second and third, respectively, in their original BB seasons, though Cody’s decision to take Derrick Levasseur with them to the end ultimately went down as one of the most bone-headed moves in series history. This season, both men were hoping to bounce back at the finals – and a whopping 72 percent of TVLine readers predicted Cody would win the All-Stars season, while 66 percent agreed that Cody should win.

Meanwhile, Nicole Franzel emerged victorious from BB18 and tried to repeat history on Wednesday’s final. That would make her Big Brother’s first two-time champion if she could win. [pivots to address a different camera] However, before an All-Stars winner was crowned, there was a final Head of Household competition – and a final crucial eviction – to take place. Read on for the highlights of the two-hour finale:

* First off, it’s part 2 of the latest HOH competition, which is a fight between Cody and Enzo. You have to put the correct cardboard cutouts of the house guests in front of various postcard backgrounds and take photos of them at the right moment while making sure that no giant, swinging pig heads – camera pigs, har har har – peek into the frame. (Honestly sounds like I’m describing a dream I had about this show, doesn’t it?) Enzo has a good grasp of which cutouts should be in each photo, but the swinging pigs give him some problems, and it does takes 37 minutes to finish the competition. CodyOn the flip side, the whole thing is done in less than five minutes, which leads Enzo to voice his frustrations that he can’t win comps at the crucial times.

Later, Cody and Nicole discuss who they would get into the Final Two if they won Head of Household, and Cody appears completely torn as Enzo tries to convince Nicole that evicting Cody is her best attempt win the game. (He’s right! Listen to him, Nicole!) But when the judges debate who deserves the win, all the signs seem to suggest that Cody is playing the best game, though they have often felt that his jury management was insincere was.

* In Part 3 of the HOH competition, Nicole and Cody must correctly identify false statements about the judges and their time in the BB House. But Cody and Nicole give different answers to the very first question – he gets it right, she gets it wrong – and that ultimately makes all the difference; Nicole can never catch him and Cody becomes the last head of the household.

When we return to the living room a moment later, Nicole has tears in her eyes and Cody looks like he might throw up right there on the carpet. This eviction decision really seems to consume him, even if he evacuates Nicolehe doesn’t seem to be enjoying it. (Enzo, on the other hand, can’t wait for Nicole to come out the door to give Cody a tight hug. Come on, yo. Decency.)

* After Nicole’s tearful post-game interview with Julie Chen Moonves, in which she says she’s not mad at Cody despite her heartache over his decision, the nine judges grilled both Enzo and Cody over their gameplay. Credit to Enzo is that while he hasn’t played a game as memorable as Cody, he seems to have much tastier answers while the judges are a little annoyed with the credit Cody is taking for his plays.

* But then, after talking to the first five displaced persons of the season, it’s time to reveal the jury’s votes. The Big Brother All-Stars winner is … Cody! It only took him five votes to win, so the confetti falls after we see the votes of Ian, Da’Vonne, Kevin, David and Dani, all of which went in Cody’s favor. But Julie later reveals that Cody beat Enzo 9-0, which is only the third time in Big Brother history. (Julie says it’s only the second time since Dan Gheesling’s unanimous win in season 10, but that’s a rude obliteration from Tamar Braxton’s win on Celebrity Big Brother.)

* The final assignment is the unveiling of America’s favorite house guest, and that’s it Da’Vonne! So it wasn’t all a disappointment this season.

That’s a wrap, Big Brother fans! What do you think of Cody’s victory? Cast your vote in our poll below and hit the comments with your full reactions to the finale!

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