Megan Thee stallion album FLOPPING BADLY; Early 60Okay projections offered!

Megan Thee Stallion’s album doesn’t seem to be doing well and the people at her record label are going crazy. MTO News spoke to a music industry insider who told us there was “panic” in Megan’s warehouse after the first numbers from her album sales were internally circulated.

The insider told MTO News: “Meg is only allowed to move 60,000 units, that’s a flop of epic proportions.” If these numbers hold true, Meg’s album is considered the second biggest album flop of 2020, only behind Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Megan Thee Stallion had high hopes, especially as her collaboration with Cardi B with the title WAP turned out to be a huge success.


The insider said: “Meg had the song of the summer in 2019 [with Hot Girl Summer] and the song from summer 2020 [with WAP]. They expected her to be next in line for the Queen of Hip Hop. “

And Megan could be the next queen of hip hop. But she may have to wait a while to take the crown if her album sales are really as bad as MTO News hears.

What could make Megan flop so badly? At least one person in their camp believes their handling of the Tory Lanez shooting situation may have torpedoed their popularity – especially among men.

The insider told MTO News, “The Tory [Lanez] The situation was bad and Megan handled it badly. To a lot of people it looked like she was lying and throwing [Tory] under the bus for a feminist clout. She got it all wrong. “

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