Meghan King Edmonds and Christian Schauf break up up after 6 months of courting

Meghan King is ready for a new chapter in her life.

Soon after the former Orange County Star Real Housewives moved to a new home in St. Louis, E! Messages learn more details about their relationship status.

A source says E! News exclusive that Meghan and Christian Schauf recently separated after nearly six months of dating.

“He couldn’t get all of the social media and public attention,” the source said. “He finished it shortly after her diagnosis of COVID and the attentiveness that came with it.”

On November 15, the co-host of the Intimate Knowledge podcast from iHeartRadio announced that she had tested positive for coronavirus. “I was safe while traveling, but had an exchange on Tuesday where I didn’t protect myself and then I had to be infected,” she said. “I’ve contacted everyone and, per CDC guidelines, I will isolate for at least 10 days.”

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