Meghan Markle turns into the primary fashionable queen to vote within the US presidential election

Meghan Markle uses her voice in one of the most important ways.

E! News can confirm that the Duchess of Sussex voted in the 2020 presidential election. She is the first modern queen to vote in a US presidential election.

Meghan and Prince Harry She currently resides in the beach town of Santa Barbara, California. However, it is unclear whether she participated in the voting process by mail or at a polling station.

Since returning to California, Meghan has spoken frequently about the importance of voting and has even participated in calling potential voters before November 3rd. Hence, it was always expected that she would cast her vote in this year’s election.

Activist in September Gloria Steinem spoke of Meghan’s surprising volunteering, adding, “She came home to vote and the first thing we did and why she came to see me … was we were sitting here at the dining table where I am and cold called voters and said: “Hello, I’m Meg” and “Hello, I’m Gloria” and “Will you vote?” And that was her initiative. “

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