Meghan Trainor Says She Do not Need A Child Bathe – Here is Why!

As the fans know Meghan Trainor is expecting her first baby and during a new interview she talked about it, her upcoming Christmas album and more! That being said, the singer revealed, among other things, why she doesn’t want to throw a baby shower!

During her chat with ET, Meghan Trainor got open about her plans for the holidays and, as it turns out, they don’t include a baby shower!

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“I don’t want to have a baby shower because I’m too scared of corona,” the singer told the news agency, revealing that, despite everything, her family is still determined to do something special.

“I did not buy anything [for the nursery] because my mother says, “No, don’t buy anything yet. You get the gifts and then you find out what’s left. ‘I think today is the day I’ll go in – I’ll buy everything. ‘

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This comes after Trainor revealed great news earlier this month that she and her husband Daryl Sabara are about to be parents!

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Additionally, just last week she revealed the gender of her first family member – a little boy!

The pregnant celebrity partially shared with her followers that “there is a blood test that you can do after 12 weeks … that tells you if it’s a boy or a girl and they call you and it was crazy because I’m that girl who looks it all up and I thought, well, there are all these myths: if the heartbeat is really fast it’s a girl, and if your hips are the first to go out, then it’s a girl, so was I like, ‘It’s a girl.’ I was so confident and then when she called and I said, “OK tell us” and she said, “What do you think it is?” And my husband says, “A girl.” And she says, “It’s actually a boy.”


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