Melania Trump sends her like to children around the globe on Valentine’s Day – would not even point out Donald!

Melania Trump made sure that Valentine’s Day was celebrated on social media, but it turned out her actual husband was Donald Trumpwas not mentioned in the tweets she sent on vacation! Instead, she sent all of her love to “children all over the world”.

That’s true! Melania’s message on Valentine’s Day was sweet, but not funny enough to her life partner.

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The former model and former FLOTUS shared two separate tweets talking about her children’s hospital visits over the four years she and Donald were at the White House.

“Send them love and strength today and every day. #Happy Valentines Day. It was wonderful to meet all the amazing kids from all over the world. I wish everyone a happy # ValentinesDay weekend! ‘

It really seems that Melania and Donald don’t have the strongest ties.

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At the same time, her former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff told the HollywoodLife podcast: “A trump is a trump is a trump is a trump. I thought Melania was different from the others. She isn’t, but I believed just like these people believe Donald if he told them something over and over … I had to learn the hard way that she was an asset. ‘

She went on to share on the podcast, “There’s that understanding I think but it’s more of a look [between the two of them]… I believe that their way of showing affection for one another is only by telling him how wonderful and great he is. I was in the car with Melania and we were coming back to New York from DC and he was at a rally. She was always his first call, no matter where she was. And the first thing he said was, “Hey baby, how did I do it?” As if he wanted her approval. ‘


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