Memorial to Avicii in Stockholm

Avicii died almost three years ago at the age of 28, but the world has still not forgotten what he did for the EDM community and his Swedish homeland. To commemorate his successes and celebrate his life, the Östermalm city committee in Stockholm will decide today to erect a memorial to Tim “Avicii” Bergling in the city center.

“We are honored that the district committee is taking this initiative. This place offers the opportunity to remember Tim and his music, which means so much and still means so much to many people around the world, ”says Klas Bergling, Tim’s father, who has firmly supported the memory of his son since the tragedy.

“Both I and his family are united in our commitment to counteracting mental illness and shed light on the issue in different ways,” said Andréa Hedin, chairwoman of the Östermalm (M) district committee, to DN. “I want it to be a beautiful and harmonious place where people can remember Tim and find inspiration in his music, but also a place where you can seek solace and honor all people who have a mental illness Dying far too early is a growing problem for both young girls and boys. We can never accept that young people lose their lives or lose a large part of their youth due to mental illness. “

via | Photo via Sean Eriksson

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