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We have been waiting for a supposed one Spawn Film restart for some time. It is true that there is a 1997 large picture Todd McFarlaneThis film is an ultra-dark, ultra-edgy comic book anti-hero and is generally viewed with ridicule or camp appreciation at best. What we really want is a McFarlane-led, tough, R-rated, loyal and brutal approach to the material! And he’s gonna give us one with the fucking Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as the central figure, and it will be great! Law?

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Well, beyond the nearly ten years that this new movie has spent in developing hell, not to mention its central star who is likely to fail, the chances are that McFarlane’s sheer vision is actually nowhere near what we’d expect in a movie Version of spawn. We know this because of some new details … from 1997 Spawn Star Michael Jai White. The formidable actor / martial artist (you have to see Black dynamite immediately) spoke frankly to Comic Book Resources about how bizarre McFarlane’s new vision seems and how unlikely he thinks it will get off the ground. “He’s been trying to get a new movie off the ground for 23 years so I don’t know,” White said with a laugh before giving us a taste of what McFarlane’s been cooking with this new take. It is strange.

“The last time I saw him he told me about his idea that spawn is ethereal mist that you can’t see like Jaws and it hits and you never see it and I say, ‘Okay, good luck with that! ‘Personally, I wish him all the best, that would be a big investment. ”

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OK. I … hmm. We all know what spawn looks like, right? That’s a big part of its appeal, isn’t it? Is the best creative or business decision really making it an invisible, ethereal mist? Just wanna do new The fog, McFarlane? Or better yet, write something new to help you chase that impulse? (Separately, I also have to highlight the perfect kiss: “Personally, I wish him all the best, that would be a big investment.”)

Now there’s a messy part of my brain that McFarlane desperately wants to lead a hard-R-spawn adaptation where we never see spawn and instead it’s just killer fog. But, according to White, he’s probably not a great director anyway, and this spawn movie business could be anything he has.

“I don’t know Todd is a director at all. It’s like Stan Lee: he created the character but he doesn’t direct it and I think someone would have to raise a lot of money to direct Todd McFarlane.” I’ve heard from Jamie Foxx who starred in it and I wish them all the best. I don’t know, maybe it will go on because people like to hear this from Todd McFarlane. He can Get Attention by Promising Another Spawn; I do not get it. ”

Let’s make a promise, readers. Let’s promise that once we’re vaccinated, we’ll go to a 2022 movie theater to see Todd McFarlane’s Fog Spawn. We go out amazed, look at each other and just say, “I don’t understand.” And we part, never to speak again

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