Michelle Williams shoots again at Commentator and tells her she will need to have youngsters!

A social media user was heavily shadowed after being forgotten Michelle Williams‘It is none of your business’ reproductive system! The previous one Child of destiny Star obviously has no tolerance for comments telling her or any other woman it is time to have kids!

With that said, not only was her answer “no nonsense”, it also made some very valid points and was meant to provide information about what to say to a woman and what not!

It all started with a supposed fan leaving a rather shady suggestion that no one asked about in their comments section.

“Michelle, I love you, but you need some kids. You’re too bored, ”it said.

Obviously, this random stranger’s opinion wasn’t welcome and it really upset Michelle, who was quick to clap back with one simple word, “You’re an idiot”.

However, this caused the original to react, writing, “Woooooooow, that was so inappropriate, thank you.”

Michelle then wrote a longer response that read, “No, what is inappropriate is for you to tell a woman that she must have children. What if this woman can’t have children? What if this woman doesn’t want children? Watch your mouth and fingers. Never let that come out of your mouth or fingers again in a comment section for EVERYONE. I would have ignored it, but too many people have to stay out of a woman’s womb !!! Now scram and be blessed !!! ‘

When they see their final answer, it seems that the commenter actually learned something because they changed their tune and turned to ‘Ms. Williams’ and told her that they ‘will never forget that’.

Fans know Michelle Williams was engaged to Pastor Chad Johnson back in 2018, but it didn’t work out between them.


They broke their engagement in December of that year.

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