Milan Christopher from Love & Hip Hop Jumped & Maced from Atlanta ‘Homosexual Goons’ !! (Vid)

Reality star Milan Christopher is recovering from being attacked by a group of Atlanta men who describe themselves as “gay idiots”. The men stopped at Milan, sprayed “club” in his eyes and hit him hard.

It’s not clear why the self-described “gay idiots” attacked the reality star. However, MTO News confirmed that Milan did not suffer life-threatening injuries during the attack.

Milan is a rapper, actor and model. He is best known for his supporting role in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. He is also known for his smooth mouth and tendency to find himself in drama.

But this time he got involved with the wrong people.

After the attack, the “gay idiots” gave an interview to a popular blogger in which they bragged in Atlanta last week about beating and beating Milan.

One of the gay idiots declared, “We didn’t cheat on him, we did this crap.”

Here is the video:

Christopher was born on the south side of Chicago and moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2008 to pursue his career as a rapper, producer and model.

After working with Beyoncé on the music video “Haunted”, Christopher released his EDM rap single “Burning Up” under the musical direction of D-tech AR from Konon’s Konvicts Musiq label.

In mid-2016, Christopher released his album The Alpha and a controversial image for his single “When I Go,” based on domestic violence, bullying and LGBT suicide rates. This music video resulted in Christopher being featured on the cover of the Los Angeles Times, as well as in many publications and blogs. The music video earned him the Gentleman of Artistry Award at the 2016 Gentlemen’s Ball and a personal thank-you letter from California Senator Isadore Hall III.

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