Millie Bobby Brown, Russo Brothers Crew for Robotic Film Electrical State

Andy Muschietti was ready to direct, but now that he’s focused on ‘The Flash’ he’ll just be producing.


Joe and Anthony Russo have evolved The electrical condition under their AGBO banner for several years, but the brothers had only planned to produce the science fiction film. Now with the budding director Andy Muschietti The Russians focused on making the Flash film for Warner Bros. You signed up as a director for the film, in which no one else will star Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things fame.

Deadline brought the news, reporting that Universal had acquired the red-hot project after a major bidding war, mainly through a theatrical release commitment. With production won’t begin until late 2021 or early 2022, hopefully theaters will bounce back when The Electric State is ready to release.

Based on the graphic novel by Stories from the loop author Simon Stålenhag, The Electric State is set in an alternate future where humans and robots live together in relative harmony, and a young girl (Brown) realizes that her sweet but strange new robot friend was actually sent to her by her missing brother. She and the robot went in search of the boy and uncovered a major conspiracy.


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AGBOs Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely I will write the script after working with the Russians before Captain America: winter soldier and Captain America: Civil War as well as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. They also wrote the script for the next Russian film, The gray man With Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

The Russians will produce The Electric State along with AGBOs Mike Laroccaand they are accompanied by Andy and Barbara Muschietti. Meanwhile, Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder will act as executive producer for the project that studios and streamers are bringing to the open market earlier this week.

Universal plans to speed up The Electric State, though the studio will have to be patient as the Russians begin filming The Gray Man next month in Long Beach, while Brown no doubt has to shoot a new season of Stranger Things.

“We’re very excited about this deal with Universal, which has committed to a theatrical release of Electric State,” said the Russos to Deadline, who also spoke to the scriptwriters. “This is incredible news for us as filmmakers and for audiences around the world who want the opportunity to see films in theaters again. This is also a positive sign that the cinema market is returning with the availability of vaccines. ”


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“We would have had Joe and Anthony direct everything we write and we were thrilled that the timing was worked out for them as directors,” added McFeely. “The beauty of it is that Electric State’s themes align with their interests in technology and feel like the perfect property for them.”

“This is a very human story about a young girl with all her might as a young girl and nothing more,” explained Markus. “Another thing we’re really proud of when it comes to this story is that all of the main characters, except for a minor character, are women who are very exciting to be a part of.”

AGBO’s recent productions include 21 bridgeswho have favourited Netflix Movies extraction and Mosuland the scary genre film relicwhile the opioid drama cherry With Tom Holland will debut on Apple TV + in March after limited circulation in select theaters.


Brown comes from the success of her Netflix movie Enola Holmesand in addition to Season 4 of Stranger Things, she will soon be featured in Adam WingardMonster’s mash-up Godzilla versus Kongwhich is expected to premiere on HBO Max along with the rest of WBs in 2021. She will also fight a dragon in the Netflix movie maid of 28 weeks later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

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