Minnesota City Approves White-Solely Church Approval !!

A Minnesota city faces backlash after approval of a “white only” church.

The church has been identified as the Asatru Folk Assembly in Murdock, Minnesota. The city has only 280 inhabitants.

But the locals are not happy.

The disputants collected around 50,000 signatures in an online petition to stop the all-white church.

“I think they thought they could fly under the radar in a small town like this, but we want to keep the pressure on them,” Peter Kennedy, a longtime Murdock resident, told NBC News. “Racism is not welcome here.”

The Church denies that its policies are racist:

“We’re not. It’s just not true,” said Allen Turnage, a board member of the People’s Assembly. “Just because we respect our own culture doesn’t mean we denigrate that of others.”

“We don’t need redemption. All we need is the freedom to face our fate with courage and honor,” the group published its convictions on its website. “We honor the gods under the names that our Germanic / Nordic ancestors gave them.”

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