Moniece Slaughter Says “LHHH” star Max Lux has Brandi B for years

According to Moniece Slaughter, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Max Lux has molested his wife Brandi B since she was a teenager.

Social media was shocked when Brandi live broadcast an argument about domestic violence between her and her husband. Max Lux was verbally abused and seemed to be making physical threats too – while Brandi told him not to pick her up again.

“You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped,” wrote Moniece in Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram post. “You’ve been like this since we were teenagers. It’s unfortunate, but she won’t leave until he puts her in a coffin.”

Her words come as Brandi B hopped up on social media to let her fans know she was safe. She appeared to be apologizing for her husband, stating that the incident had “layers” and that she was free of bruises or blemishes.


It seems that Brandi B will stand by her husband.

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