Nashville’s Deadman Unveils Electrifying Single “The Shallows”

Nashville’s own Samuel Al-Hagal, also known as Deadman, is brimming with talent in both his productions and live shows. Inspired by the creative minds of personal heroes such as Skrillex, Walt Disney and Hans Zimmer, Deadman aims to bring unprecedented imagination and raw, unbridled energy into a moment of symphonic euphoria.

His music is a perfect representation of just that. Earlier releases such as his remix for “Lifeline” or “Jolly Roger” are just a few examples of the immense creativity and pure musical talent that he has shown through his work.

His latest release, “The Shallows,” is no exception to the size we’ve come to expect from Deadman and offers five and a half minutes of pure excitement. It’s bass music, dubstep and trap in one electrifying track.

Stream “The Shallows” by Deadman below!

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