Nelly and Shantel Jackson may get engaged quickly after six years

Nelly is seriously thinking about taking a big step in his personal life. After six years of dating, the hip-hop music star is thinking of marrying his lover Shantel Jackson.

The artist “Country Grammar (Hot Sh * t)” made the reveal when he performed Dancing with the Stars with Pro Daniella Karagach. The rapper says love is real and Shantel is an integral part of his life.

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He stated, “I don’t want my life not to include Shantel. We have seen each other for five or six years. Anytime you can connect with someone like this, it works in the long run. She is cute, beautiful and the more we get to know each other, the more beautiful she is inside. “

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Nelly continued, “We have so much in common. She grew up downtown, she knows what it is like to go through certain things in life growing up downtown … She is very motivated, very passionate about the things she does and she doesn’t accept anything else than wanting to be better. And I love that. That’s exactly what I love. We are working towards it. When we know, I’ll tell you. “

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Followers think he made some great points in building a strong foundation in a relationship. Some fans also said it was time for him to do the right thing and take the relationship to the next level.

Nelly was recently mocked over his deal with Budweiser on Saturday Night Live. He took it with a lot of class, however.

He said, “I love doing SNL. I mean, the SNL thing is not forbidden to anyone. It’s not something you take personally. You made fun of Barack Obama. So if they could make fun of the first black president, Nelly would definitely be in the realm. It is not a problem. They actually take it as a badge of honor. They are historical. ”

Nelly is somewhat concerned about the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on his musical career.

He shared: “It’s kind of a mess because of COVID. I really wish the clubs were open and things were different and people could get out and have fun on this record. Anyway, you can jam in your house. “

Do you think Nelly will propose soon?


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