NeNe Leakes speaks out towards ill-treatment and boycott of RHOA – see her video and her information

As their die-hard fans know NeNe leaks is not included in the new one RHOA Season. Fans have already said that because of this, they definitely won’t see season 13.

Now NeNe is open to talk about some RHOA issues and has also arranged for some news to be posted on their social media account.

Someone said, ‘Good! I want Nene too. @neneleakes I’m here to support you ‘and one commenter wrote this:’ Andy is biased !!! He treated Monique from Potomac so badly last night at the reunion. ‘

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– NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) December 21, 2020

Another follower posted this message, “How you’re going to boycott the show for not being on it lol,” and one commenter said, “Girl, you ripped off one of the cameramen’s shirt a few seasons ago for trying got to go into yours. ” Closet. KEEP IT???? ‘

Another said, “I swear a Sagittarius can hand it out but not take it. They say and do the most vicious things, but always the first to not understand why something is happening to them. ‘

Are you ready to start this boycott? What happened behind the scenes is FALSE! While others were being promoted, BLACK WOMEN who created shows, created genres, built franchises and networks, got DEMOTED … Turn off your televisions

– NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) December 21, 2020

One commenter wrote: “But when she was the ‘HBIC’ everything was fine. Nene really is the definition of that I don’t want no one to eat if I can’t get my way.”

Someone else wrote, “I agree, I think they act like ghetto drunks on RHOBH and RHOD. Waaaay worse than Atlanta. But because they’re blonde and blue-eyed they get away with it.”

A follower posted this message: ‘I’m confused, NeNe. Are you trying to boycott the network you’ve been on for years? Would you like us to stop seeing a show that helps black women get paid? Just because you’re not there anymore? What about these other black women? So should we go on a network for free? ‘

In other breaking news, NeNe leaks made her fan day with a new video she shared with her husband Gregg licks. Check out their post.


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