Netflix’s Sandman sequence will probably be scary, guarantees Neil Gaiman

Comic book adaptations are all the rage these days in Hollywood. But sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate the wild and impressionistic style of storytelling found in more sophisticated graphic novels into a linear narrated film or TV show. One such series is Neil Gaimans The Sandman Comics that ran for 75 issues. After years of evolutionary hell in Hollywood, the series receives a Netflix adaptation. Gaiman, who co-produced and co-wrote the show, revealed during a Yahoo! Interview that the adaptation will keep the horror elements of the original story.

“It will be scary. But there will be many other things too, because the joy of Sandman is that there are many different things in the soup and you can taste all of the flavors.”
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The Sandman comics tell the story of Morpheus alias Sandman alias Dream, who is the physical personification of the dream concept and as such is one of the Eternals, doomed to travel the world as long as there are living beings who dream him above. While the story originally began as a detached, distant entity, the story slowly unfolds Dream’s innermost thoughts, longings, and desires as he engages with mortals of all kinds, from devout to perverted.

Gaiman’s series is famous for mixing mythology with fantasy and horror in intriguing and disturbing ways, from a serial killer convention to a diner where the main course is a victim’s severed head. For the longest time, the general consensus has been that it would be impossible to make a live-action adaptation that does justice to the Sandman comics, however Neil Gaiman promises that the upcoming series will come very close.

“Something [past pitches for a Sandman adaptation were] from incredibly talented people who said, “You can’t put this on TV!” About 10 years ago there was a fantastic showrunner who put up a Sandman TV show that Morpheus didn’t introduce until episode four! … [The upcoming adaptation] feels so amazing Sandman. You won’t believe how Sandman is. ”

Of course, finding the right tone and aesthetic for the series is only half the battle. The real challenge is to find an actor who can convincingly play the lead role of the physical embodiment of the concept of dreaming itself. In the artwork of the comic for the Sandman, an aura of mysticism and hidden power is depicted that can hardly be reproduced in live action. But Gaiman seemed confident that he had found the right lead, even if he hadn’t given the actor a name.

“I can say we had 200 auditions for Morpheus before we found someone we really liked. And then we went to another 300 or 400 auditions, but it was clear that we found the one person who was in the Was able to pronounce those lines and words so that they actually work. So we hired him! ”

Netflix series The Sandman, an adaptation of the Vertigo Comics series of the same name by Neil Gaiman, is developed, co-written and produced by Allan Heinberg, who also acts as the showrunner. Gaiman and David S. Goyer will also produce and co-write the series as executive producers. The series has not yet received a release date. This message is from

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