Neurodisc / World Heist’s new New Wave Darlings Head Pretend Return with their third EP

Global Heist and Neurodisc are well known for their tonal variety, covering almost every part of the spectrum of electronic music, from experimental to pop house, but Head Fake is still easily their novel act. A true new wave band for the modern age, Head Fake is made up of three once prominent but now anonymous London artists who all believe that the sounds of the 80s still have a place in modern EDM. Judging by the emotions and sounds emanating from their latest EP3, they are not wrong.

Their EDM started seeing Head Fake in early 2020 when they started really promoting their electronic skills on their EP2 project. Mixing Lofi with new wave synthesizers and LCD sound system style vocals makes Head Fake appealing to multiple genres and generations, which is why the Neuro / Global team is likely to keep releasing their releases. That and the quality.

The interesting difference between Head Fake and the new wave of new wave artists over the past decade is that, contrary to the semi-ironic hipster feel you get from the likes of Hot Chip and Cut Copy, Head Fake is dead serious. They are here to tell stories with their Electronica, which partly puts them in the ranking of the LCD sound system. They lived through the 80s and they got it: it wasn’t all cocaine and hit Casios. There was real music and real emotion during that time, and with EP3 in particular, Head Fake seem to be saying that if they leave that behind, they’ll be damned.

With the long-form EP, songs like “We Are Stars”, “The Silence”, “All I Carry” and “Feel Like Going Home” are lyrically almost like indie folk: full of stories and nostalgia. There is a certain streak of the Psychedelic Furs in it, and every ’80s fan will be there for it. There’s no shortage of fun either, as bold tones and strange dissonances escape from tracks like “Hollywood Dream” and “JFK”. They’re quick to remind fans that Head Fake are still synth masters. These two tracks are the opening and closing tracks of the EP. So it’s like all the work and the emotional story is shaped by the colorful New Wave of the 80s.

Head Fake’s from the Heart, a lovable Art Nouveau New Wave brand, will always be nostalgic for fans who lived through the 80s and 90s with them, but it’s also modern enough to piss off even the bravest EDM hipster To turn upside down. The combination of real feel and vintage synth style is really always a winning combination, and EP3 is another successful release by the British trio.

EP3 is available now at Global Heist / Neurodisc and can be streamed along with other work by Head Fake on Spotify. You can find more videos on her YouTube channel.

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