Odesza assures followers that they’re engaged on new music

Odesza The last release was in August 2020 when they teamed up with Golden Features for the debut album of their joint project BRONSON. Before that, in November 2019, they finally released their remix of “Waited 4 U” by Slow Magic (at least on Spotify). It’s been a little less than four years since they released their last studio album, A Moment Apart, but make no mistake, the guys are working.

We’ve seen studio updates before, especially October 2019, but nobody could be blamed for being a little slower last year. Earlier this week, the duo tweeted, “Hi guys, we work, I promise,” which received over 15,000 favorites and almost 2,000 retweets. Obviously, the excitement for the upcoming Odesza footage is still high.

We’ll have to wait and see when they next release new music, but a drop in 2021 is out of the question. An album, if you waited, would likely be out either late this year or early 2022.

Hello guys, we work, I promise

– ODESZA (@odesza) February 16, 2021

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