Patrick Dempsey teases how lengthy it’s going to take his Gray’s Anatomy to return

Showrunner Vernoff recently spoke about Dempsey and Pompeo reunion during an interview with Deadline. “There have been studies of how intense our dream life was,” she explained of her inspiration. “In the pandemic, people have really intense dreams because of the lockdown. We don’t get enough stimulation, and so it happens in our dreams. So it started like this. It started like this, how do we give people what escape?”

Shortly afterwards, the entire scene came together for her. “I had a beach theme all season and I called Ellen. I said what if we brought back a dead character that you could dream of on the beach that would be so fun for the fans,” Vernoff continued. “And she said let’s get Patrick. Even in my most exciting dream life, that thought hadn’t come as an option, and there it was.”

Fans can see how this season is playing out by watching Grey’s Anatomy Thursday night on ABC.

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