Petey Martin steps into the highlight with the most recent smash with Lauren Daigle, ‘Come Again House’

We love a great story and we have such a climax today. Petey Martin has always been Kygo’s contact, who supports the melodic king in the production of his latest hits. Well, today the protégé starred with the release of his first full solo release, “Come Back Home,” with two-time Grammy winner Lauren Daigle. ‘Come Back Home’ is an anthemic single with a massive, wide sound that combines Petey’s flawless piano house production with Lauren’s powerful vocals.

After Petey produced Celine Dion’s “Ashes” from the “Deadpool 2” movie soundtrack, he worked with Kygo, Matoma and SEEB under the guidance of Kygos Palm Tree Records and is therefore no beginner for melodic giants. We can’t wait to keep bringing you updates on this versatile talented producer.

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