Playboi Carti legal professionals have despatched letters to VladTV by means of Rubi Rose Battle – Adam22 and Vlad Commerce Carti Lawyer Tales – Stop and Desist

Although Playboi Carti and Rubi Rose’s relationship has ended for a hot minute, the legend of its problems and controversies has never let up.

Hot new hip hop says Playboi Carti and Rubi were in the headlines again this week over an old incident recently brought up by VladTV during his chat with Adam22, the host of NoJumper.

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According to Hot New Hip Hop, Rubi spoke to Adam22 and Vlad in October 2019 about an altercation that took place between her and rapper Whole Lotta Red. Rose stated in the interview that Carti shot her with a real gun during a screaming game and the allegation has haunted him ever since.

As mentioned above, Adam22 and VladTV sat down for a chat earlier this month in which they both shared their Carti Rose stories. In fact, Vlad says that Carti’s team tried to get him to remove the Rubi Rose story from his channel.

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Vlad says he and his team received “cease and desist statements” from the rapper’s lawyers, but he wasn’t concerned about the alleged authenticity of the allegations. Vlad went on to say that when they tried to claim “defamation” they stumbled because their struggle was publicly known. “You are about to trip,” Vlad said to Adam22, as if speaking to the rapper’s legal team.

Adam22 went on to say that he had had his own experience with someone close to the rapper. He says a person slipped into his direct messages on Instagram and wondered why he brought up the story.

According to VladTV, Rubi Rose has the right to bring up things that happened to her. “She can talk about it,” said the journalist. Not only did the two media personalities touch on the romance of Playboi Carti and Rubi Rose, but they also explored Rose’s career, arguing that if she worked a little more on her rapping, she could be a really great artist.

These days, Playboi Carti is the father of Iggy Azalea’s child. They split in 2020 after just a few years of dating.


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