Porsha Williams is showing off new merch, and you can check it out in her latest post on IG too

Porsha Williams shows some new merch and their fans and followers give their opinion in the comments. Check out her post below.

‘Our brown sheets are one of my favorites. This color is so rich and luxurious (without the big price tag)! ⁠

Click the link in my bio to buy all of my favorites and more today 😍 @pamperedbyporsha, ‘she wrote.

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One follower said, “I can’t wait to try these sheets after hearing you and your mom talked about them on your podcast!”

Another commenter wrote this message, “I love loving my sheets, it’s time for me to order more but when I wash them they still feel new,” while one fan said this, “Me order the eggplant and the black one just got mine. ” Email that they were ship I can’t wait to try them. ‘

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Another commenter said, “I received my papers. The eggplant is better. So very soft and beautiful, ”and one commenter wrote this message:“ I love the sheets! Bought 4 for me and as a gift in the past few months. We need some towels now! ‘

A commenter posted this message: ‘Got mines! They feel great and can’t wait to put them on the bed! ‘

One follower said, “How many treads do these blades count? I won’t buy them unless they’re 1800 or better! Need uh fat! ‘and one commenter wrote,’ The leaves are fantastic. I’ll be ordering more … I just need to order the queen size which doesn’t fully fit on my 16 inch mattress.

Porsha Williams impressed her fans with a metaphor she used in a message. Check out their post.

In other news, Porsha shared a message about her sister, Lauren Williams, that makes the fans laugh.

‘Ok, ok @lodwill proved their point! I’m a repeat offender when I use a lame pickup line😂. ‘

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