Pregnant Christina Perri hospitalized: “Child has an issue”

Christina Perri She is currently in the hospital for pregnancy complications, the singer shared on her Instagram story.

On November 10th, the “Jar of Hearts” artist, pregnant with her second child and husband Paul Costabile, posted several photos of her in a hospital bed.

“Hey friends. Well, nothing ever goes the way we planned,” wrote the 34-year-old on her Instagram story. “Baby has a problem so I’ll be here until it’s time for baby to come out. It may have to be very soon. Which is very early.”

Christina, mother of a 2 year old daughter Carmella Costabileasked everyone, “Please send some love from your heart to the little heart that beats inside me, that we can all make it.”

Later in the Instagram story, she applauded her team at the hospital and thanked the followers for their good wishes.

“I’m really grateful for this community,” she said in the video. “I’ll keep you posted and hopefully everything will be fine.”

On November 11, she updated her followers by saying she had a “big cry” and missed her daughter.

“Right now the baby’s vital signs are fine and so are mine,” she wrote. “As the days go by, more will be revealed and I need to be calm and strong.”

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