Pregnant Shawn Johnson checks constructive for coronavirus

Shawn Johnson is expecting baby # 2 with Andrew East

Pregnant Shawn Johnson is “nervous” after a positive test for COVID-19.

The retired Olympic gymnast shared her diagnosis in a since-deleted Instagram story post, telling fans that she had just got her results back. “I’m not going to lie … I’m nervous knowing that I’m positive,” she wrote in the post. “It’s been a long two weeks of RSV [Respiratory syncytial virus] with Drew and now this … my body is just exhausted. “

The 29-year-old expectant mother of two listed some of her concerns about contracting coronavirus. “1: I don’t want to make my family sick. 2: I have asthma and have had it all my life so it scares me a little more,” she explained. “3: Had a very close fight for his life last month when he fought Covid. So it’s a serious issue that is a cause for concern in our household.”

As was her case, Johnson described her symptoms as “cough, terrible sore throat, and headache” along with expected fatigue. “This is pregnancy,” she quipped. E! The news has asked the gold medalist’s representative for comment.

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