The fresh and mysterious face of electronic music, BILLYTHEKID, whose name is inspired by the infamous gunslinger and outlaw from the American Old West, has just released his debut EP Outlaw on GRVDNCR.

The 3 track EP, aptly titled Outlaw EP, stays loyal to BILLYTHEKID for all the reasons we love the producer. The EP is mysterious, varied and danceable and shows BILLYTHEKID’s unique style of bass music. All three records are original works of art with no collaborations or features.

Outlaw begins with the title track of the EP ‘OUTLAW’, in which the song suddenly paints soundscapes with Wild West motifs on an enchanting melody and drowned out vocal samples. As OUTLAW builds up, you will with BILLYTHEKID’s flawless sound design, screeching synthesizers and aggressive Familiarize yourself with baselines that are spread across the plate. On ‘GLOCK’, BILLYTHEKID wastes no time on his listeners and immediately begins the recording with crisp chords and powerful drums. While the record picks up metallic and squeaky-sounding synthesizers, an anthemic bass heating is created. After all, BILLYTHEKID gets things going at full speed on ‘POWER’ while keeping things short and sweet. BILLYTHEKID opens the pause with a mysterious, almost haunted noise that evokes a sense of fear in POWER, and suddenly a fast vocal sample screams, “You have no strength, let me teach you how to use it.” Rolling baselines and glitchy ear candy during the brief recording of one minute and thirty-nine seconds take the listener on a quick but exciting journey through sound.

Listen to the Outlaw EP below or get it here on Spotify.

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