Rapper Offset Arrested Close to Trump Rally In Beverly Hills !!

Rapper Offset was arrested after police stopped their vehicle as they drove past a pro-President Trump rally in Beverly Hills.

The incident happened on Saturday.

Offset broadcast some of the cops’ interaction on Instagram Live when officers rearranged his vehicle. He refuses to turn off the engine.

“I’m not doing that,” he tells the officials.

“Why not?” asks an officer.

“Because you’ve got guns out,” he tells them.

You can then see officers reaching into the window to unlock the driver’s door before pulling him out of his vehicle.

Offset was reportedly released after questioning. 20-year-old Marcelo Almanzar (Cardi B’s cousin) was arrested on suspicion of carrying a hidden gun and a loaded firearm in public.

Offset publicist Derrian Perry said in a statement that the rapper was arrested “after being attacked by aggressive Trump supporters.”

“Offset thanks its fans for their support and wishes everyone peace and security in these difficult times,” the statement said. “He encourages everyone to get out and vote because nothing changes if nothing changes.”

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