Rasheeda Frost praises Georgia’s first black senator

Rasheeda Frost praised Georgia’s first black senator. You should check out the post she wants to share below.

“Say hello to Georgia’s first black senator @raphaelwarnock, we can make history when we get together. Our voices were heard. ”Rasheeda wrote her contribution.

Someone said, “So proud of GA that I have to move there now,” and another folk wrote, “Yeees Georgia, you did it again!” Thank you Lord Jesus for the victory! ‘

One commenter said, ‘Babbbbbyyyyyy what you say !!!! ???????????????????????? Come through other black people. I love you all and one of the followers posted this message: “We can be the most powerful race if we stick together.”

Someone else said, ‘I know she’s a very proud mom, it’s definitely that ???????? for me, so proud of us !! GA babyyyy ???????????????? ‘

Another follower said, ‘Amen !!! Yes we can, if we stick together. Now we stay all year round to make ourselves stronger !!! Congratulations thank and thank you GA !!! ‘

One follower said: “Congratulations to him in 2021 and we’re still saying the first black. It was time for a change ???????? ”and someone else wrote,“ Look what God can do, he’s turning things around. ???? ‘

Someone else posted: “The things we can do when we get together … folks, we’re better together!”

One commenter wrote, “Thank you Georgia and all of your lovely people who live there for helping make America right!”

In other breaking news, Rasheeda Frost I just had an interesting conversation with John Ossoff who is loved by many of her fans and more.

Porsha Williams has also promoted him on social media and has received support for it from many of her own fans and followers.


Now Rasheeda shared a video with him and the conversation they had before the vote seemed to impress many fans.

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