Rasheeda Frost shows fans how she keeps her natural hair healthy

Rasheeda Frost I just showed her fans and followers how to keep their natural hair healthy. Check out her post below.

“I wanted to introduce a few products that I can use to keep my natural hair healthy! And as I’m on a mission to get hip length hair, I have to admit that @ camillerosenaturals products have been my goal and I’m seeing results folks !! I used the Cocoa Nibs & Honey Growth Serum and the rejuvenating drops are growing back. I will say my hair has grown in and is kept hydrated. @janell_stephens I’m obsessed with these products! #camilerosenaturals #blackowed #naturalhair, ‘she wrote.

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Someone said, “Rasheeda, can you post this product, please?” And one commenter wrote, “I often wonder if they are actually using the products they are promoting or if it’s just for the money.”

One follower said, ‘Is this product for men too? I thought about using it on my beard. A commenter posted this message: I love your hair! I may have to try this product! 🔥🔥 ‘

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Another commenter said, “True beauty inside and out” and one fan said, “My hair is non-porous and stays extremely dry. No matter what I’ve tried. Maybe I’ll try (I saw her in the store)”

One fan said, ‘It’s the length and those curls for me. ❤️🖤 ‘

Rasheeda Frost announced not long ago that a new series called Couples’ Retreat would be airing. While this series is just getting started, fans couldn’t be more excited.

“This couples retreat is just getting started, but we have a lot more luggage to unpack! 👀 Don’t miss # VH1CouplesRetreat TONIGHT at 9 / 8c on @ VH1! 🔥 ‘Rasheeda has labeled her post.

Rasheeda looks like a doll with red hair. Check out the latest clip she shared on her social media account.

Someone said, ‘Rasheeda, my girl. You almost look like a doll. You are so beautiful. You go, girl. You do. You are my favorite on LHHA; Kandi is my favorite at RHOA. I have a favorite on every reality show I watch. I look at them all. Love it. Keep up the good work and always be true to yourself.

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