Regulation & Order: SVU reveals the “emotional” nature of Barba’s January return


Law & Order: The SVU is bringing former ADA Rafael Barba back for an “emotional battle in the courtroom,” NBC announced on Monday.

The return of serial vet Raúl Esparza was touted earlier this month by the network, which shared on Instagram: “We already have something to look forward to. Barba returns to #SVU in 2021. “

Now the official synopsis for Esparza’s encore has been published. In the episode “Sightless in a Savage Land,” which marks the post-holiday comeback and airs on Thursday January 7th, “The squad spends New Year’s Eve tracking down an amber alert and Carisi steps into an emotional one Fight in the courtroom. “

Hmm, Barba vs. Carisi – who is your money on?

Also in the fourth episode of the 22nd season are Bhavesh Patel (The Good Woman), Brett Parks (The Punisher) and the teenage actress Vanessa Carrasco.

Esparza joined the long-running crime drama early in season 14 and left in mid-season 19 when DA Jack McCoy convicted Barba of murder (after disrupting life support for a comatose child with indecisive parents). Although Barba was found not guilty, the experience led him to quit his job; He was replaced by former Chicago ASA Peter Stone.

Esparza made a cameo midway through last season when Barba skyped with Benson about his new gig: Iowa Election Fraud Investigation.

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