Resident Evil: 7 inquiries to restart

Will we see any new Resident Evil Creatures made for the movie?

If you’re making a film adaptation of a series like Resident Evil, there will be a laundry list of monsters to include / easily reinvent for a fresh approach. Lickers, Mr. X and of course Nemesis are pretty much a head-turner to be included in this cinematic retelling of the first two episodes, with Mr. X possibly being an important addition to the series canon. But, on top of the monsters we know, will there be a chance to see a new Resident Evil creature made just for the movie?

Beasts of all shapes, sizes, and abilities have appeared in the previous series of films, but as director Johannes Roberts tries to get closer to the Capcom productions that primarily inspired the film franchise, we may see only minor changes to old ones Movies get friends. Since a long-standing problem between Resident Evil fans and the film adaptations has been their failure to adapt the canon of the games, we may be more focused on bringing to life the creations that we don’t use in the films Have come to life than playing around with some new creations right outside the gate.

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