Rio Da Yung OG sentenced to five years in jail

Rio Da Yung OG, the Flint, Michigan rapper who released City on My Back last year, was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison for being arrested in January 2019 for possession of a gun with the intention of ” to distribute controlled substances ”. In an Instagram story, Rio said he would begin his sentence in the summer of 2021.

According to Michigan Federal Court records, reviewed by Pitchfork, Rio was named in a February 2019 grand jury indictment accusing the rapper of conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine base and heroin. He was named along with five other people. In February 2020, Rio reached an agreement that the indictment was overturned in favor of a guilty plea. Ultimately, he pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm to promote a drug trafficking crime and agreed to a 60-month sentence. The formal conviction took place yesterday.

A conviction record filed on Jan. 1 listed Rio’s minimal criminal history (two marijuana crimes), his strong employment record (he worked full-time at Chrysler for over three years) and his “lucrative” music career. “That’s not safe [Rio]Participating in this crime was easier or more lucrative than working for Chrysler, and whether the decision to join this conspiracy was driven by his family relationship with one of the co-defendants, a desire to gain more credibility on the street for his emerging music Career or some other reason but it has had a negative impact on his community and on [Rio] himself, “wrote US lawyer Matthew Schneider.

In an interview last month, Rio said he was hoping for parole or early release because his file was clean while he was in detention for the past two years. He wrote about the phrase in an Instagram story posted today. “I’m doing 5 years for some shit that I don’t know is going to be going on, but I take full responsibility because I know what happens to this street shit,” he wrote. “Thank god you got me through this situation because it really opened my eyes and showed me how to deal with people.”

Pitchfork has approached Rio Da Yung OG, his attorney, and the US Attorney’s Office in the eastern district of Michigan for comment.

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