Rivale groups up with Caravn for one in every of his greatest tracks to this point, “Sleepwalking”

Your EDM was watching closely rival since the beginning of 2019 and you can bet he’s an artist to watch (wink wink). Over the past almost 24 months, not only has the quality been an absolute pleasure, but also the insane amount of tracks he has released at this quality. But his most recent collaboration, “Sleepwalking” with Caravn, is perhaps the most delicious catchy tune he has ever released.

That very first piano note hits with so much emotion, so much sadness. And Caravn, so as not to belittle Rival’s part in this collaboration, but he’s absolutely the star. His voice is an absolute siren song in a sea of ​​similar voices and takes the track to a whole new level. On the other hand, Rivals’ composition is orchestral and massive, with deep, deep bass and room-filling intensity.

“Sleepwalking” is incredible, incredibly powerful. The combination of Rival and Caravn seems worthy of a full, new collaboration – but that’s up to them.

Listen below.

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