Riverdale Premiere Recap: A Promenade Bombshell – Plus, KJ Apa on Archie’s Future with Veronica (and Betty)


Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Riverdale season premiere on Wednesday.

Yes, we think Veronica won’t want to save any of her Riverdale prom photos.

What should have been a night to remember for her and Archie turned into a nightmare at the season five premiere on Wednesday when Archie confessed to her at her prom that he and Betty had a moment and kissed. (Veronica found the song he wrote for Betty and sang it on the speakeasy thinking he wrote it for her. Ouch.) The two lovebirds agreed to part ways, and Veronica cried over her heartbreak across from her mother Hermione … with her father Hiram is listening. (Uh-oh. Archie, take care.)

Also in the premiere: Betty and Jughead followed the clues in the video authoring mystery to an underground screening of illegal films – where Jughead found his little sister Jellybean! – and the writer struck again with a new video of a false murder that interrupted her prom. Archie applied to the Naval Academy but lost a boxing match to Katy Keene’s friend KO Kelly (crossover!) And withdrew his application in disgust. And Cheryl and Toni won co-prom queens … but their future together looks bleak after Toni’s grandma objected to her dating with a flower.

To get the whole drama in, TVLine chatted with Riverdale star KJ Apa about Archie’s big bombshell (and why he dropped it) and how his relationship with Veronica and Betty is going on. (To learn more about Apa, what to expect from Riverdale’s upcoming time jump, click here.)

TVLINE | I have to ask you what I asked the TV aloud during the premiere: Why would Archie tell Veronica what happened to Betty? Has his conscience just eaten him up at this point?
I have a feeling that if you’ve known Archie and have been watching Riverdale for a long time … it wasn’t surprising to me when I read this. Because, for the most part, Archie is a truthful person to the people he loves, and I don’t think he’s the best when it comes to living with guilt. He’s not the best at keeping things to himself when it hurts him or when he knows it could possibly hurt someone else. One of his mistakes is that he tells the truth a lot. [Laughs] Sometimes he makes mistakes and spills the beans on everyone.

TVLINE | Is there a return for Archie and Veronica? Can you even save a friendship at this point?
I think so. I feel like the two are so strong. The reason they pull apart is to realize that after high school they will have two different lives. I feel like they will always have that special connection that they had. One doesn’t destroy the rest of the story they had.

TVLINE | We saw Hiram hear Veronica cry over Archie, so we can assume the position of Deputy Mayor is no longer available. Will this put Hiram back on the warpath against Archie?
Absolutely yes. And we see they try at some point. When he finds out about it, he definitely isn’t taking it easy. Let’s just say that.

TVLINE | Betty reminded us that Betty canceled the deal with Archie, not him. Does he still have unresolved feelings there?
I mean at the point who knows It was always back and forth … I feel like being with Betty and Veronica, on the one hand it’s his best friend, with whom he was best friend all his life, and neighbors with his whole life, and then there is this other one, brand new girl who came into town and he fell in love with. So it’s one of those things: he’ll always be very close to both of them just because of the kind of relationship he has with both of them. But I really do feel like a lot of his relationship with Betty, and where this is going and how they’re feeling is something we skip research.

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