Riverdale writes Vanessa Morgan’s actual being pregnant in season 5 – what does that imply for Cheryl and Toni?

There is a bundle of joy going to Riverdale this season … and the mother is not what you would expect.

The CW teen drama will add Vanessa Morgan’s real pregnancy to the series in season five, as the actress revealed in an Instagram post on Saturday. When Morgan announced that she was going on maternity leave, she, who has played Toni on Riverdale since season 2, said that she “is grateful to my showrunner and the producers for making my pregnancy so accommodating and putting it on the show! I still have to work preggo for almost 9 months. “

The news might surprise Riverdale fans, however, as Toni is dating Madelaine Petsch’s Cheryl Blossom at the end of Season 4. Does the fact that Toni is pregnant mean she and Cheryl are on their way to Splitsville? Well, not necessarily: Riverdale will incorporate a time jump of several years into the fifth season. Maybe Toni and Cheryl will eventually decide to get married and start a family together? Or does it serve as a substitute for a friend who wants to have a baby (like Kevin maybe)? The possibilities are really endless.

One thing is for sure, we’ll find out when Riverdale returns for season five on Wednesday January 20th at 8/7 a.m. on The CW.

Check out Morgan’s Instagram post below, click the comments, and tell us, Riverdale fans: who do you think will be Toni’s baby’s dad?

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